Afforestation in hindi

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Afforestation in hindi

February 05, But most of his speech, delivered in chaste Hindi, was lost on a large section of people in the absence of a translator. Even the Bharatiya Janata Party functionaries admitted that the language, especially the numbers he reeled out, was not understood by many.

A Kannada translator, who was part of every election rally addressed by national leaders during the earlier elections, seems to be missing this election season. Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister, when he posed the question in Hindi.

His more recent Mysuru rally had his speech translated. This attains special significance in an environment where the Siddaramaiah-led government is asserting on Kannada identity and the State recently saw anti-Hindi agitation over Namma Metro signboards.

Afforestation in hindi

BJP general secretary in the state, Shobha Karandlaje, agreed that a translator was required for Hindi speeches in South India and the party will do so in future. Anand Guru, president, Banavasi Balaga, a group of Kannada activists, said translating Hindi or even English speeches into Kannada was necessary for effective communication.

But any party, including Congress, must translate Hindi or English speeches into Kannada. We are not asking national leaders to speak in Kannada, but only translate. Ideally, in a federal union like ours, Mr. As Rahul Gandhi starts his campaign in the State only this weekend, it is to be seen what strategy the Congress will adopt.

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Afforestation in hindi

4. चूलिया प्राप्त किसनदी पर स्थित है? Afforestation definition: Afforestation is the process of planting large numbers of trees on land which has few or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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