An analysis of the importance of the issue of abortion

Wade and since then theres been a handful of Republicans in iffice. To me the abortion issue is enough to persuade me not to vote Obama but not enough to get me to support Romney. He isnt pro life in foreign policy and not consistently pro life on abortion incest doesnt justify murder MarieP October 13, at 8: But there is simply no Biblical foundation for the contention that life begins at conception.

An analysis of the importance of the issue of abortion

An analysis of the importance of the issue of abortion

January 27th, Contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court, abortion is not a private issue. It snuffs out the existence of a member of the human community—a person like us with a radical capacity for reason and freedom.

The anniversary of Roe v. Wade gives us an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which abortion is, contrary to the claims of that decision, a public issue.

But what could this possibly mean? Surely the first question at issue in deliberating about abortion is this: What sort of being is it—a blob of tissue, as some activists claim?

Or something else altogether? The court declined to answer this question: Doctors, philosophers, and theologians have failed to reach consensus; ancient and medieval theorists subscribed to different theories. Thus did Blackmun imply that the answer to this question was private in the following sense: What we find when we consult modern—not medieval!

Put another way, it is a matter of science that the lives of human beings—when not a product of monozygotic twinning or cloning—begin at conception. Of course, no moral issue is ever settled entirely by recourse to mere facts, even facts as important as those just discussed.

Moral norms must be articulated for guidance in response to the facts, and here again a distinction between public and private is possible. Some norms are thought to be available only to those of, for example, a particular tradition of revelation, outside of which the norm is bound to be unjustified or even unintelligible.

Well, what is the norm that renders abortion impermissible? Clearly, it is the norm against killing: But what grounds that immunity?

A reasonable answer is this: We are both rational, capable of reasoned reflection, and free, capable of choices not determined by anything other than the very making of the choice itself.

Our possession of those two powers can be said to be the foundation for our dignity.

An analysis of the importance of the issue of abortion

Killing a being like you or me is thus radically contrary to the dignity that we possess, as it would be in relation to any other being like us in the relevant respect: But what kind of being is that? It is, we should hold, any being that possesses by its nature the capacity to develop itself to the point of being able to engage in acts of reason or choice.

Not a being that has developed to the point of being able to reason and choose, but one whose nature it is eventually to be able to reason and choose. Now, no being comes to be able to actively exercise such powers unless it has them from the beginning of its existence.

Something not possessing these powers as radical potentialities simply could not develop them. And accordingly, since we came into existence at conception or slightly later if we are an identical twinwe possessed these radical powers right from the beginning.

This claim is one available to natural human reason. Of course, some traditions of revelation consistently teach this claim; that is, if anything, evidence for the truth of the tradition.

And some such traditions provide theological complements to the basic norm, giving us further insight, for example, into the nature of human dignity by tracing the resemblances between creatures with dignity and their divine creator.

But the core thought—that we, and beings like us, possess a dignity that entitles us to moral respect—is far from a matter of private faith or morality. On the contrary, it is robustly public.

And here too we have a possible contrast between the private and the public, a contrast drawn on in Roe and by its subsequent defenders. What is the nature of that contrast? It is at least threefold.Analysis: Abortion clinic closures increase burdens for Texas women. Like all health care appointments, abortion clinic visits often require taking time off school or work and can result in additional costs like lost wages, travel expenses and child care that many women struggle to afford.

Aug 21,  · Re: How important of an issue is abortion for you? It's of moderate importance to me. My wife had to abort an ectopic pregnancy in the past, and I'm glad she didn't have to jump through a bunch of stupid hoops to do it.

Impact of Abortion on Society. The economic cost of abortion. Men who pressure the mother of their child to submit to an abortion often later feel as though they have violated an important and fundamental part of a man's nature - i.e. to defend and protect his child.

Ethical Key Issues - Abortion. Abortion on Demand; Abortionists. Sep 30,  · Only a small minority of Americans (15%) say abortion is a critical issue facing the country today, down from 28% who said this in One-third says it is one important issue among many, while nearly half of the public (48%) says the issue of abortion is unimportant.

Abortion The issue of abortion, whether it should be legal for a woman to terminate her pregnancy, highlights the question of who has rights and why do they have them. On one side of the debate the argument goes that a woman owns her own body (right to life) .

Abortion: A Public Issue. by Christopher O. Tollefsen within Abortion, Philosophy. Surely the first question at issue in deliberating about abortion is this: what is, in the case of surgical abortion, the fetus, or, in the case of chemical abortion, the embryo? even facts as important as those just discussed.

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