An introduction to the issue of gangs

Our Focus of Attention Getting a Handle on the Local Situation One thing which has become clear to me over the past three years is that we must learn about the nature of the gangs and gang members which populate our own community or neighborhood before any meaningful action may be taken. Generalizations about gangs in the United States are meaningless as concerns designing ways in which to reduce gang activity found in one's own neighborhood. In this regard, an understanding of one's local gang situation should guide a community's or neighborhood's anti-gang efforts.

An introduction to the issue of gangs

Moreover, the paper will also discuss the factors that trigger the formation of gangs in the state. In addition, it will also put light on the types of gangs that exist in the U.

Furthermore, it will also propose recommendations for community response regarding this issue. The Issues of Gangs 1. Introduction The United States of America consists of a total of around 33, active violent motorcycle gangs, street gangs, and prison gangs. The total number of people or members associated with these gangs amounts to 1.

A large number of these gangs indulge in highly organized and sophisticated activities, however, irrespective of their degree of sophistication all of these gangs use violence to control their neighborhoods.

Staff Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ; Staff Members of the National Gang Intelligence Center, In addition to that, these gangs also use coercion and power to establish and boost their illegal money making operations, which may include drug and gun trafficking, robbery, fraud, prostitution rings, and extortion.

Staff Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ; Staff Members of the National Gang Intelligence Center, This paper, therefore, aims at analyzing the current status, historical growth, and projected trends of gang membership in the United States of America.

In addition to that, it will also put light on the current research on gang formation and the implications for society and community. Furthermore, the paper will identify and classify the types of gangs common in various geographical or societal communities and their effect on social, educational, and criminal justice systems, including social service and health providers, police, courts, and schools.

Moreover, the paper will assess various approaches, programs, and policies for responding to gang formation and activities and would propose recommendations for community response. The initial emergence of some of the serious gangs was witnessed by the East Coast in the era of s, which was led by New York City.

An introduction to the issue of gangs

The Midwestern region of the United States of America, specifically Chicago and the Western regions, specifically Los Angeles, witnessed the development of gangs half century after the formation of the gangs on the East Coast. The south region of the United States of America, on the other hand, did not see development of gangs for almost another half century, as gangs began to develop in this region in the era of s.

Northeast Region specifically New York City The emergence of first gang like groups was witnessed in this region right after the end of American Revolution, in the yearthese group mainly consisted of White European immigrants, including English, Germans, and Irish.

This situation was further worsened by the arrival of Poles, Italians, Austrians, and other immigrants during and The era of s also witnessed the initiation of black gangs and the proliferation of the criminal network into the regions of Manhattan, northern East Harlem and the Bronx and southeastern Brooklyn.

Midwest Region specifically Chicago The first street gang was developed in Chicago in the s, this gang was formulated by white immigrants, and consisted of various ethnicities including Irish, German, and Lithuanian people. During the s the gangs began to take root in the patronage networks that were run by strong authorities and politicians, one of the popular gangs in such network was the Al Capone gang.

In addition to that, the Mexican gangs were also formulated in the era of s.

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The worst African-American gang problem of Chicago exploded in the yearwhich led towards elevated rates of crime and violence. West Region specifically Los Angeles The era of s witnessed the emergence of gangs, consisting of members with Mexican ancestry, in the western region of the United States of America, which was followed by the formation of first Mexican-American gangs in Los Angeles in the s.

The formulation and operations of Mexican-American gangs, on the other hand, were stipulated by two major events in Los Angeles, namely the Sleepy Lagoon murder and the zoot suit riots.

As a result, the African-American gangs, which were very well established in the low income housing projects, started to assume the position of street gangs in Los Angeles.

Moreover the Vietnam War, the Chicano movement, and the War on Poverty, which occurred in the era of s and s, also promoted and steadied the formulation and operations of Mexican gangs in Los Angeles. In addition to that, the roots and activities of gangs in the western region of the United States of America were further strengthened by the amalgamation of crack cocaine dealing and consumption and the gang culture in the African-American ghettos.

South Region First period The southern region of the United States of America did not witness the emergence of any kind of gang activity before s.

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Even after the end of s only Miami and San Antonio were said to have witnessed some minimal gang activity. There was, however, a sharp and evident increase in the gang activities in the southern region of the United States of America by s.Problem, New Eyes: Youth Insights on Gangs in New York City.

The paper also includes a brief history of gangs in New York City, a discussion of what defines a gang and gang and city officials on the issue of gangs.

This Issue Gangs– Introduction page 1 Gangs– What Makes a Youth Gang page 2 Gangs– Some Gangs in Snohomish County page 3 Graffiti– A Primer page 4 Gangs– What Parents Can Do to Keep Their Child Out page 5 Gangs– For More Information page 6. Page 2 Under state law (RCW ). To summarize, research on gangs has shown the gang problem to be increasing dramatically. Gang members list many reasons for joining a gang, including protection, peer pressure, economic needs, social needs, power, because relatives are members, a . Addressing Community Gang Problems: A Practical Guide Executive Summary Chapter 1: Introduction Contemporary gangs—variously known as youth or delinquent gangs and street or criminal gangs—have become a widespread threat to communi-ties throughout .

The purpose of the round tables was to bring Introduction Despite the fact that New York City, the largest city in the. Introduction Crime rates are on the rise in the world today particularly in the urban centers but even more in other places.

The issue of youth mobs is increasingly emerging to be of serious anxiety in many nations specifically for law enforcers. AN INTRODUCTION TO GANGS is an excellent guidebook & reference resource for law enforcement personnel involved with gangs, & is unequalled for the social science field researcher.

The scope of the information & valuable insights it contains give it great instructional value. Gangs (Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints) [Scott Barbour] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Presents a collection of articles and questions that debate a variety of topics on the subject of gangs. Introduction The desire to provide safe schools for the nation's youth is high on the list of priorities for every educator in the country.

Yet in the last few years, law-enforcement and public schools everywhere have experienced a virtual epidemic of youth violence that .

Sometime in the past 20 or 30 years, youth gangs have increasingly become a social problem society has had to deal with. Many wonder where these young groups come from and what gives them the idea that being in a gang is an acceptable and wonderful way to live/5(9).

An introduction to the issue of gangs
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