Designing breakthrough products

When it comes to matters of aesthetics and fashion, UCD techniques offer little assistance. For example, the House of Dior once had a fashion-show hit with a dress they made out of newspaper.

Designing breakthrough products

All three have used technology to radically change the meaning of offerings in a category — why customers buy, or how they use a product.

Designing breakthrough products

Swatch used inexpensive quartz technology to change watches from timekeeping tools into affordable fashion accessories.

Roberto Verganti, a professor of the management of innovation at Politecnico di Milano, calls the strategies that led to these products technology epiphanies.

An epiphany is commonly thought of as a sudden revelation that comes to a lone creative genius in an intuitive fashion.

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For example, Philips Electronics used this approach to develop Ambient Experience for Healthcare, or AEH, a breakthrough application for reducing the anxiety that patients experience when they undergo medical scans with CT and MRI machines.

Since the introduction of CT, in the early s, and MRI, in the early s, innovation in the imaging industry has focused mainly on technology substitutions: To continue reading, become a paid subscriber for full access.

Already a Business Briefings subscriber? Login for full access now.New products which are hard to differentiate from existing products won't capture the customer's imagination. The failure is due to a poor understanding of customers' needs.

Companies need to take a radical approach to identifying customers' real needs, and this book demonstrates innovative ways to . designing breakthrough products was released in , four years after the first MP3 player), but they unveiled its most meaningful and profitable form.

I call the strategies that led to these products technology epiphanies. Designing Breakthrough Products by: Roberto Verganti from: Harvard Business Review, October Comments Off on Designing Breakthrough Products. Published on Dec 12, in Issue - December ADD TO FAVORITES. When exposed to new technologies, most companies focus on a narrow innovation strategy: technology substitution.

Flightline Systems is a leader in designing and supplying advanced receivers for multiple missions, we are the world leader in receivers for the ASW mission.

We also supply a range of gyroscopes, cockpit indicators and digital engine management products used in fixed wing aircraft and military and civil helicopters.

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