Document analysis cross of gold

Words ending in -ed tend to be past tense verbs 5. Frequent use of will is indicative of news text 3. These observable patterns — word structure and word frequency — happen to correlate with particular aspects of meaning, such as tense and topic. But how did we know where to start looking, which aspects of form to associate with which aspects of meaning?

Document analysis cross of gold

Background[ edit ] Monetary standards and the United States[ edit ] In Januaryat the request of Congress, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton issued a report on the currency.

At the time, there was no mint in the United States; foreign coins were used. Hamilton proposed a monetary system based on bimetallismin which the new currency would be equal to a given amount of gold, or a larger amount of silver; at the time a given weight of gold was worth about 15 times as much as the same amount of silver.

He also proposed the establishment of a mintat which citizens could present gold or silver, and receive it back, struck into money. This legislation defined a unit of value for the new nation, to be known as a dollar.

The new unit of currency was defined to be equal to The legislation also established the Mint of the United States. Governmental response to this shortage was hampered by the fact that officials did not clearly understand what had happened. Ingham proposed adjusting the ratio between gold and silver in US currency to This was close enough to the market value to make it uneconomic to export either US gold or silver coins.

Despite vocal opposition led by Tennessee Representative and future president Andrew Johnsonthe precious metal content of smaller silver coins was reduced in It also repealed the statutory provisions allowing silver bullion to be presented to the Mint and returned in the form of circulating money.

In passing the Coinage Act, Congress eliminated bimetallism. Silver producers complained, and many Americans came to believe that only through bimetallism could the nation achieve and maintain prosperity.

They called for the return to pre laws, which would require the Mint to take all the silver offered it and return it, struck into silver dollars. Pro-silver forces, with congressional leaders such as Missouri Representative Richard P.

Blandsought the passage of bills to allow depositors of silver bullion to receive it back in the form of coin.


Such bills, sponsored by Bland, passed the House of Representatives in andbut both times failed in the Senate. A third attempt in early again passed the House, and eventually both houses after being amended in the Senate.

Document analysis cross of gold

The bill, as modified by amendments sponsored by Iowa Senator William B. The silver would be struck into dollar coinsto be circulated or else stored and used as backing for silver certificates.

Hayesbut was enacted by Congress over his veto on February 28, The s saw a steep decline in the prices of grain and other agricultural commodities. Silver advocates argued that this dropoff, which caused the price of grain to fall below its cost of production, was caused by the failure of the government to adequately increase the money supply, which had remained steady on a per capita basis.

Advocates of the gold standard attributed the decline to advances in production and transportation. The late 19th century saw divergent views in economics as the laissez-faire orthodoxy was questioned by younger economists, and both sides found ample support for their views from theorists.

The government pledged to stand behind the silver dollars and treasury notes issued under the act by redeeming them in gold.

Document analysis cross of gold

Pursuant to this promise, government gold reserves dwindled over the following three years. Congress did so, but the debates showed bitter divides in both major parties between silver and gold factions. Cleveland tried to replenish the Treasury through issuance of bonds which could only be purchased with gold, with little effect but to increase the public debt, as the gold continued to be withdrawn in redemption for paper and silver currency.

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See pricing and supported platforms. 6. Learning to Classify Text. Detecting patterns is a central part of Natural Language Processing. Words ending in -ed tend to be past tense verbs (Frequent use of will is indicative of news text ().These observable patterns — word structure and word frequency — happen to correlate with particular aspects of meaning, such as tense and topic.

One of the leaders of the Free Silver Movement in the s, Bryan campaigned on this issue in the presidential election, where at the National Democratic Convention in Chicago he delivered his "Cross of Gold" speech.

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