Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

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Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

What does their friendship reveal about their characters? Whatever slight doubt is there gets cleared by the end. Throughout the drama, the two friends are more dear than life to each other. Their love and trust for each other are evident at every stage of the drama. He does not differentiate between himself and his friend.

Bassanio has no money and he has been living in debts which he plans to repay.

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It is evident that Bassanio has to do little to persuade his friend for money. Antonio is already more than willing to lend him. Antonio knows that his friend needs the money and clearly tells the Jew that had it not been so, he would have treated him just as he always does.

This shows his stubbornness and proves that at his heart Antonio is innocent and a little childish. Had it not been so, he would have been able to avoid the trap Shylock had set.

This is just to show that he is doing all this for his friend and he would not like to see him disappointed. All of this shows that the two friends love and trust each other deeply and that each one of them is willing to make any sacrifice for the other. It also shows that Antonio is quite emotional about his friend and can become blinded by his love for him.

Antonio loves Bassanio from the bosom of his heart and wishes to see him before he dies at the hands of the Jew. Their friendship is not about money, but about loyalty and brotherhood. Upon being asked by Portia that who Antonio is, Bassanio replies that he is not just his best friend and the kindest man but also the most honorable person in all Italy.

He is a friend who is ready to sacrifice anything for him. Portia at once understands that Antonio is a noble person who has suffered for Bassanio.

She promises to provide Bassanio with as much wealth that he can repay twenty times the debt.

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The debt of the friend is really big and Bassanio postpones his marriage. Things turn around when Portia intervenes. It gets clear that both the friends are really loyal to each other. It is not like Antonio is making all the sacrifices and Bassanio is using him to find his love.

Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

Had it been so, Bassanio would not have postponed his marriage to return and see Antonio. Antonio is a honest young gentleman who believes in fair business and is equally kind hearted. Bassanio is also a true friend whose conscience is being weighed down with guilt. He remains honest in his friendship with Antonio and stands by his side till the end when things take a comic turn and the friends win the case against Shylock.

Their friendship reveals that both are honest and honorable characters, true to their word. Shakespeare has provided one of the best examples of friendship and loyalty through them.Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio relationship.

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Nov 20,  · The play The Merchant Of Venice, written by William Shakespeare explores many relationships.

This essay would look at the friendship between Bassanio and Antonio.

Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

This essay would also show how each character's life is affected by their friendship. Discuss the theme of friendship and loyalty as it is displayed by Antonio and Bassanio in The 1 educator answer Discuss the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio in William Shakespeare's. Portia and Bassanio in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice “The Merchant of Venice” is a Shakespearean play based on the themes of friendship, racial prejudice, deceptive appearances and love, of which the most romantic is the love between Portia and Bassanio.

Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio in the merchant. 0. 18/11/ Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio in the merchant. 5 stars based on 27 reviews Essay.

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