Gloria jeans target market

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Gloria jeans target market

Steps to Remove the Odor: There are several cleaners you can choose from. If you need to deodorize multiple pairs of jeans, it is best to treat them one at a time.

Castile soap works very well for removing chemical odors from jeans.

Gloria jeans target market

Add two tablespoons of a liquid castile soap, such as Dr. If adding the soap directly to the washer, try to distribute it evenly. Vinegar is also great deodorizer. Add some to the washing cycle and wash as normal. Another great deodorizer that works well on chemical odors is baking soda.

If possible, stop the load after it has filled to allow the items to soak for a couple hours. Place the jeans in the bucket and allow them to soak overnight. There may be an odor as they are soaking, but it will go away once they are washed.

Put on cleaning gloves, then remove the jeans from the bucket and wash them as normal. Another option is to add some borax to the washing cycle. Read the label for the appropriate amounts. Test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure the color is not affected. Do not add other clothes to the wash while treating the jeans as the other clothes could pick up some of the smell if it is not successfully removed.

Jeans should never be washed with hot water as it can cause them to shrink. If you had your jeans dry cleaned and they now have a strong chemical smell, switch to a dry cleaner that does not use perc perchloroethylenewhich is a known carcinogen. Never store clothes in the dry cleaning bag as this can trap the odor of the chemicals and cause it to cling to the fabric.

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