Halo reach matchmaking ctf

Overall, the process has resulted in in several changes that we hope will improve overall gameplay flow while adding variety to the tournament landscape for competitors and players alike. Refuge will be played on Slayer and an updated Capture the Flag variant more on that laterboth of which hit matchmaking today. I started working on this map all the way back in February of

Halo reach matchmaking ctf

Spectre Sep 18, I decided to give Forge in Reach a shot as I was never really interested in Halo 3's model, but always wanted to try it. When I used to play World of Warcraft, I always thought the main trade area of the Undercity was a perfect area for touch-return mutli flag CTF, so my memory of this was the basis for this map.

I settled on not using a reference and just go by memory so that I could add bits and pieces if it added to the gameplay of the map - in the end, I think the design turned out pretty well.

This is probably by no means the first time someone has recreated this, I just wanted to give it a go.

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The basic idea I wanted was having teams spawn symmetrically on the top layer of the map with the flags being on ther ground floor under the staircase. Having little to no cover during the flag run is part of the idea which is why I imagined it to be touch-return and a quick, hectic match.

As for how this plays out in a real game, I have no idea as I haven't been able to fully test it yet, hopefully I can get some friends to test it with me this weekend.

As for respawns, it doesn't function properly yet as I have no idea what the hell I'm doing in regards to fair respawn points and how to make the defending team spawn just outside the base when the offensive team is attacking and whatnot, so as a CTF map, it's not working at the moment, but if anyone can give some tips with that, I'd gladly hear them.May 03,  · Online multiplayer for the "Halo: Reach" beta, "Halo 3: ODST" and "Halo 3" will be free for all Xbox LIVE members during the "Halo Multiplayer Unlock Weekend," which runs from May 14 at 9 a.m.

PDT through May 17 at 9 a.m. PDT. Capture the Flag (CTF) is a set of multiplayer rules in most Halo games.

Halo reach matchmaking ctf

Contents[show] Objective Capture the flag is an objective-based gametype, where teams compete to bring a flag, often taken from the opposing teams base, to a predetermined area, often your team's flag or base. Today marks the day that Bungie passes the torch over to industries and Bungie's last ever Halo matchmaking update.

Its a relatively small update on the surface, but there is stuff behind the scenes to get ready for the transition. We currently don't have any Halo: Reach savegames for XBox Please check back at a later date for more game saves to be added.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running our final checks on Matchmaking and each of our launch playlists, and are excited to share the final lineup and a breakdown of these playlists.

The launch playlist lineup has received slight modifications from the lineup that was announced over at IGN last month. kaja-net.com is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers.

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