How are the mayans and kalinagos and taino societies different

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How are the mayans and kalinagos and taino societies different

Posted on December 5, by shanakaysaundersedtk The indigenous people like any other civilization needed the basic things in life for survival. They built houses which consisted of furniture. They satisfied there need to feed on a larger scale by hunting, fishing and farmer.

On a smaller scale, they participated in a barter system. Since they were nomadic people they worked within the limits of Stone Age technology. The Tainos lived within small villages which were usually situated near to the sea. They lived in family houses called caneyes. These houses were simple in design and frail in appearance.

However, they were quite strong as they could withstand hurricanes or strong winds. The Taino houses were small round huts, with a conical roof thatched with grass and palm leaves.

In the construction of the caneye, wooden posts were placed firmly in the ground in a circle, woven with canes between them and tied with creepers. On the other hand, their chief cacique houses bohiowere built much larger.

It was built in a rectangular shape but it was often hard to form the cacique house into this shape. The Taino had little furniture within their houses. Their main furniture was a hammock and wooden stools.

Other furniture was highly polished clay pots and other utensils. The hammack is of Indian origin as there was no hammock known in Europe before the transatlantic expedition.

These hammocks where made of either cotton strings or woven cloth which were sometimes dyed in bright colours. The taino women cooked, spun and wove cotton. The aborigines had a variety of stone tools. They varied in size from one inch up to nine inches in length.

When these tools were placed at the bottom of a water jar it was said to keep the water cool. The Tainos made much simpler weapons for battle. In different places they armed themselves with weapons like wooden javelins, darts with reed shafts and wooden points which were harden with fire, thrown with spear-throwers.

The Tainos made their dug-out canoes from the trunks of cedar or silk cotton tree. The trees were fell using fire, and then hollowed out, first by charring then by chipping with stone axes and chisels. The canoes had keels and were steered and rowed by paddles.

They varied greatly in size. Some were made for one person only, others for forty, fifty and more. Columbus saw one in Jamaica 96 feet long and 8 feet wide. The Jamaican canoes were technically and beautifully made, carved and painted both bow and stern with ornaments. Tainos gave way for recreational activities.

Tainos enjoyed singing and dancing arieto. Women and men danced separately, but when there is a marriage ceremony of a cacique both sexes would dance together. On these occasions a large amount of liquor was drank. However drunkenness was uncommon.

The liquor was made from cassava juice or maize. In these events drinking was done.

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They also smoked tobacco cohiba in a pipe called Tabaco. Tobacco was cultivated on a large scale for purpose. The tainos preferred to smoke using tabaco especially at feast.

The tabaco was made into a Y shape both branches were inserted into the nostrils and the smoke was deeply inhaled.

How are the mayans and kalinagos and taino societies different

This was said to cause a state of unconsciousness. A ball game, batos, played on a mark field batey.The kalinagos Unlike the Mayans and the Tainos the Kalinago chiefs or ouboutu were not always succeeded by a close family member, to be chosen as a chief, a kalinago man had to display had to prove that he was an excellent swimmer and able to .

The Taino (Arawak) and Kalinago (Caribs) were similar in many ways, but different in others. For example, their technology was quite similar, but their political organization was to some extent different.

- Modern society involves the transition of a new era: the transition is partly brought out through the use of cultural tradition, and through the production of new ideas and the invention of new techniques.

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Alike the Tainos the Mayans had methods of specialization when it came to the division of labor to do their economic may be a Cacique even in a patriarchal society. a different authority and emphasis is appointed to the women in the two societies.

spontaneous warriors. Among these groups were the Mayans, Kalinagos (Caribs) and the Tainos (Arawaks).Each group of the indigenous people have their own culture, religion, means of agriculture, hunting methods etcetera, but there are some very similar and different things about each group/5(1).

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