How to write a good romance fan fiction

Return to Content How to plot a romance novel Almost every romance novel is about the relationship between two people. Some novels focus on triangular love situations.

How to write a good romance fan fiction

Playing Defence Spy Novel Plot 1: Makes a plan to complete the Mission. Trains and gathers resources for the Mission. Attempts to carry out the Mission, dealing with further Allies and Enemies as they meet them.

Is betrayed by an Ally or the Mentor optionally. Narrowly avoids capture by the Antagonist or is captured and escapes. Spy Novel Plot 2: The Mystery In the Mystery plot the protagonist investigates a disaster attempting to discover who was responsible.

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The Protagonist often works for a counter-intelligence or counter-terrorism agency and their Prize is unmasking the Antagonist. Is impeded by the Antagonist.

how to write a good romance fan fiction

Discovers the identity of the Antagonist and the reasons for their actions and any wider plan. Is involved in a final confrontation with the Antagonist and stops or fails to stop them carrying out their plan.

how to write a good romance fan fiction

Spy Novel Plot 3: The Protagonist stumbles on something vital to the Antagonist and has to run for their life with the Antagonist in pursuit. There are two subtypes — the Straight Run, and the Conspiracy. The main difference between a Straight Run and a Conspiracy is whether the Protagonist knows the identity of the Antagonists.

First of all, get drunk.

The Conspiracy has a Mystery element, as well as evading the Antagonists, the Protagonist has to work out what is going on. Realises they are not safe from the Antagonists. Is also not safe from the authorities, as they are tricked or controlled by the Antagonists.

Persuades the authorities they should work together to stop the Antagonists. Confronts the Antagonists and stops or fails to stop them.

Is also not safe from the authorities, as they are tricked or infiltrated by the Antagonists. Spy Novel Plot 4: Playing Defence In the Playing Defence spy novel plot, the Antagonist attacks someone or something important to the Protagonist and the Protagonist tries to defend it.

Instead the Antagonist attacks and then the Protagonist is given the task of recovering. The attack is the Inciting Incident in a Mission or Mystery plot. The difference in a Playing Defence plot is that the Protagonist remains off-balance and reacting to the Antagonist throughout most of the story.

For example, in Patriot Games Jack Ryan foils a terrorist attack on the British royal family in the opening sequence. The terrorists then target Ryan and his family and make several further attempts to kill both them and a member of the royal family who has befriended Ryan.

A Playing Defence plot often ends with the Protagonist cornered and having to fight the Antagonist to the death, for example in Skyfall, where Bond ends up defending his childhood home. Makes a plan to stop the Antagonist. Trains and gathers resources to stop the antagonist.Aug 29,  · Tips, Tricks, and Do's and Don'ts Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs.

This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction. Jun 05,  · Fan fiction is good writing exercise though when you're in between a story or just need to get the brain muscles working.

reply | flag * message 9: by Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books), Sees Love in All Colors (new). Romanticism is about the love of one's country, or the love of nature, the love of friendship, the love of honor. Romance simply describes a very strong feeling between a person and another thing.

Thus one of the key elements to Romance is emotion, but realistic emotion at that. Everytime I write stories it’s always YA/fan fiction. I realized the people with the biggest reads in this category are those who write about sex a lot.

Theirs nothing wrong with that,however I don’t think its fair that that’s all people want to read about. Follow/Fav Writing Romantic Fanfics: a few tips. By: Like the title says: a few tips for those writing / wishing to write a romance fanfic, though some things apply on other fics as well.

really, really good idea planned out for a romance story with an original character and you can't wait to start writing it and impress people with. Oct 03,  · How To Write Great Romance By Jean Feiwel Over my publishing career I've had a lot of Big Ideas, probably the best known of them is "The Baby-Sitter's Club¸" but .

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