How to write a simple api in php

Since everyone is building a unique app, not every use case is the same.

How to write a simple api in php

Author abhinav One of Postman's most powerful features is its ability to run automated tests on your requests. To get you started quickly we are publishing a two-part tutorial series, where we'll go from a simple test to writing complicated tests and running them inside the Collection Runner.

This is the first tutorial in the series.

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Test editor When you open Postman, you should see the 'Tests' section in the request editor area. To the right of the test editor, there is a list of snippets.

You can click on any snippet title and the corresponding code snippet will be appended to the test editor. This makes writing simple tests extremely fast.

This list will be updated as Postman's test capabilities improve. You'll also be able to add custom snippets in a future version. Writing a simple test Let's write a simple test to give you a feel of how everything fits together. We're going to use a new demo API that we have set up — echo.

Postman tests are written in Javascript. Postman expects the special tests object to be populated with a description an the result of the test. Postman renders the results in the "Tests" tab as well as in the Collection runner, depending on the boolean values present in this dictionary.

For our first test, we'll send a GET request to http: Follow the steps below: Set the URL to http: Code is " snippet.

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We do not need to make any changes in this case. Let's send this request right away. Switch to the "Tests" tab. We see that this test has passed as the correct status code is returned.

Just to see how things look when the API does not behave as expected, let's change the status code in the test to and send the request again. In the tests tab, Postman tells us that the test has failed expectedly.

Let's add another test for the Content-Type header. Select the "Response headers: Content-Type header check" snippet. We'll change this test a bit.

We'll assign the result of the responseHeaders. We'll first check if contentTypeHeaderExists is true. Write the following snippet in the test editor:This package can be used to implement REST based Web services. There is a server class that can retrieve the Web service function being called and the respective parameters from the HTTP request and calls given user defined functions or a class previously registered to .

First of all, an API is a user interface for developers, so it must be friendly, simple, easy to use and of course pleasant; or else it will end up being another piece of digital junk out there.

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Creating a Simple REST API With VB, PHP and MySQL This article covers both creating an API with PHP where the data is stored in a MySQL database & reaching to the API with a VBScript file. Create Your Own Custom API (PHP). Using your successfully installed Apache and PHP environment, you have made a successful eBay API call to confirm that you have a valid environment.

We recommend using the simple sample Getting Started with Search in the Shopping API for this.

how to write a simple api in php

Today's code is a Google Maps geocoding example with PHP and we also use some Google Maps JavaScript to show the geo-coded data on the map. You can use this code if .

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