Human resources functions affected by hurricane rita

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Human resources functions affected by hurricane rita

Human resources functions affected by hurricane rita

A June report by the American Society of Civil Engineers indicated that two-thirds of the flooding was caused by the multiple failures of the city's floodwalls. According to the National Hurricane Center, 1, fatalities can be attributed to the storm: The hurricane left an estimated three million people without electricity.

On September 3,Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff described the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as "probably the worst catastrophe, or set of catastrophes," in the country's history, referring to the hurricane itself plus the flooding of New Orleans.

The storm dropped heavy rainfall in portions of the Miami metropolitan areawith a peak total of Twelve deaths occurred in South Florida, of which three were caused by downed trees in Broward County, three from drowning in Miami-Dade County, three were from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by generators, one was due to a vehicle accident, one occurred during debris cleanup, and one was associated with a lack of electricity.

Significant impact was also reported in the Florida Panhandle. Although Katrina moved ashore in Louisiana and Mississippi, its outer periphery produced a 5.

High waves caused beach erosion and closed nearby roadways. There were five tornadoes in the northwestern portion of the state, though none of them caused significant damage. There were two indirect fatalities from Katrina in Walton County as a result of a traffic accident.

Before striking South Florida, Katrina traversed the Bahamas as a tropical storm.

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However, minimal impact was reported, with only "fresh breezes" on various islands. However, as it had only just weakened from Category 4 strength and the radius of maximum winds was large, it is possible that sustained winds of Category 4 strength briefly impacted extreme southeastern Louisiana.

The height of the surge is uncertain because of a lack of data, although a tide gauge in Plaquemines Parish indicated a storm tide in excess of 14 feet 4. Hurricane Katrina made final landfall near the mouth of the Pearl Riverwith the eye straddling St. As a result of the rainfall and storm surge the level of Lake Pontchartrain rose and caused significant flooding along its northeastern shore, affecting communities from Slidell to Mandeville.

TammanyTangipahoa, St. John the Baptistand St. Tammany Parish received a two-part storm surge. The first surge came as Lake Pontchartrain rose and the storm blew water from the Gulf of Mexico into the lake. The second came as the eye of Katrina passed, westerly winds pushed water into a bottleneck at the Rigolets Pass, forcing it farther inland.

The range of surge levels in eastern St. Tammany Parish is estimated at 13—16 feet 4. Bernard Parish was flooded because of breaching of the levees that contained a navigation channel called the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet MR-GO and the breach of the 40 Arpent canal levee that was designed and built by the Orleans Levee Board.

The search for the missing was undertaken by the St. In the months after the storm, many of the missing were tracked down by searching flooded homes, tracking credit card records, and visiting homes of family and relatives.

According to the U.

Although power failures prevented accurate measurement of wind speeds in New Orleans, there were a few measurements of hurricane-force winds. From this the NHC concluded that it is likely that much of the city experienced sustained winds of Category 1 or Category 2 strength.

Katrina's storm surge led to 53 levee breaches in the federally built levee system protecting metro New Orleans and the failure of the 40 Arpent Canal levee. Many levees in metro New Orleans were breached as Hurricane Katrina passed just east of the city limits. There were no breaches of Mississippi River levees in metro New Orleans.

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Failures occurred in New Orleans and surrounding communities, especially St. The only major highway routes out of the city were the westbound Crescent City Connection and the Huey P.government code. title general government. subtitle d. state purchasing and general services.

chapter purchasing: general rules and procedures. The Education Issues Page is a discussion of what's wrong with public education in America today, with an emphasis on the liberalism and political correctness involved in public education.

The quality of education is going down while the price keeps going up. human resources, HR practices, natural disasters, training, communication, training and communication What are some best HR practices in response to natural disasters especially in terms of training and a team of researchers conducted a qualitative study and interviewed victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita at a FEMA Service Center in.

affect Essays | See the List of Sample Papers For Free - Bla Bla Writing. Which external environment factor(s) did Hurricane Rita affect? Discuss. 2. How were the human resource functions affected by Hurricane Rita? 3. Do you believe that the HR situation described regarding Hurricane Rita would be typical in a disaster?

Below is an essay on "Human Resources After a Disaster" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Abstract This paper explores how HR functions were affected by Hurricane Rita. of the five functions were affected by Hurricane Rita greatly.

HR made sure that they got on the aftermath right away. The first function is staffing, they had people on the job right away to pick up all of the trees that had been knocked on to people's houses, lots, and businesses.

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