Master of e government

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Master of e government

Sign up for free unlimited access Access to Thereby, the programme can be studied wherever you are located in the world, and can easily be adapted to your studying and working situation.

The program also contains non-mandatory workshops, one each semester, at the campus in Kista, just outside Stockholm. During these workshops, students can meet other students, teachers and experts in the area of e-Government, and visit eGovlab, a center for excellence in e-governance at Stockholm University.

The programme provides in-depth knowledge, including theories and practices, in areas such as e-service design and innovation, e-democracy, e-governance, requirement engineering, business process management and improvement, security and privacy in e-Government, ICT architecture, ICT system integration as well as project and change management.

The programme also has a specific focus on business intelligence, decision support systems, and open and big data management for e-Government. The master programme promotes a new role needed in public organisations, an e-Government architect, a role that has the knowledge and skills necessary to drive ICT enabled changes in the public sector.

An e-Government architect combines knowledge about democratic processes, citizen service and public administration with skills in designing effective ICT systems and e-services for e-Government. The master programme is inspired by the Swedish democratic model as well as models in the area of e-Government developed in Europe and the rest of the world.

Master of e government

Career Graduates will find positions as enterprise and IT architects, project managers and change agents in public organisations as well as private and non-governmental organisations working within the area of e-Government. Graduates may also enter Ph. The programmes and courses lead to a variety of professions and professional roles, such as the use of IT in businesses, computer security, systems development, programming, web design, database construction, IT for publishing, entertainment or education.

Programme Structure Computer science is the technical part of the subject. The education gives therefore knowledge of computers, programming, data communications and data processing.

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Systems science contains two closely related areas. One area is the interaction between IT, people and organizations. The second includes models and tools to analyze and design systems that include both technology and people.

For the basic courses no technical knowledge of the computers is needed. You should however like solving problems, being creative can easily communicate in speech and writing. Computer and systems science can also be combined with other subjects, such as psychology, linguistics, law or business economics.The IRS Data Retrieval Tool will be unavailable beginning at 8 a.m.

ET on Saturday, November 17, until 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, November 18, The new Master's programme, the Master of e-Government (MEGov) is unique in the Asia-Pacific region, and students will be taught by leading academics in the emerging field of e-Government and public management.

Victoria's Master of e-Government is the only course of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. Focusing on the management rather than the technical aspects of e-Government, your . DGI curates focused, in-depth programs where technical communities gather to share their knowledge and success.

DGI delivers substantial, useful information. Bhama Shah () was a noted general, minister and close aide of Maharana Shah is well known for providing his wealth to Maharana Pratap, when the Maharana had become penniless to the point of starvation.

The School of Government is a member of the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) and is going through their accreditation.

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