Over view of customer services thorpe park marketing essay

Meeting and greeting customers as they enter the amusement park Targeted products and services Virtual access to the amusement park and its website Providing an information and pre-booking service Three customer types that I have chosen for task 1 question 2: Groups Families Groups external customers Groups of customers like schools expect a lot from a service like Thorpe Park and they go and spread the word about the business.

Over view of customer services thorpe park marketing essay

This is when the stewards direct traffic in an orderly manner so that there are no accidents. They do this by directing all the cars in one direction and single file. This could also be to fill every bay as the stewards also fill the bays in a regimented manner.

This is helping the customers as it will allow the cars to be all moving in one direction and therefore also no causing crashes. There will be a series of booths opened according to the amount of people present.

At the tickets booth itself there are trained staff that can work efficiently, so that each customer is dealt with quickly and in a well manner. Different methods of payment can be used to buy your tickets; this consists of credit card, debit card and cash.

This is because if customers could only pay by cash then customers may have to get turned away, resulting in less profit for The Park To prevent waiting in the queue for the ticket booth customers can buy their tickets online or use the self service machine. This is to distract people from the ticket booth queue.

Selling tickets online means that there is less queues for the ticket booth and therefore reduces queue length. Entrance After receiving your tickets as previously requested you are made to stand in a structured line. The machine itself read the bar code on the ticket and the date.

There are employees in place to assist those that are struggling with these procedures. Also by having machines check your tickets rather than manually, it is quicker and therefore get the customers in The Park quicker; reducing queue lengths.

Ride entrance This is probably the longest queue that customers will face and the length will vary for each ride. This is so that people too small do not get to the front of the line and get turned down. The approximate time length of the ride is shown at the front. This could be to allow the customers to reconsider buying a fast track.

Also pregnant women and people in need of special assistant can read the safety information before entering the ride queue.

This is to maximize the capacity of the rides, making the ride more efficient and reduce the queue length. The ride attendant is also in place for the safety of the customers.

Cleanliness Thorpe Park has its own cleaners. The reason for this is so that there is regular cleaning within the areas and the park is maintained.

The toilets are known to be messy, smelly and possibly flooded sometimes. To prevent the mess and smell in the toilets they have the Rota system.

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Where-as for the flooding of toilets Thorpe Park have foot latch taps. This is a tap that can only be activated by stepping on the foot latch that on the floor. This means that anyone trying to flood the toilets will have to keep there foot on the latch till the sinks fill up but this means now they are also going to get themselves wet.

Finally if a customer reports to a member of staff about the state of the toilets, the problem must be solved immediately.

This is so that customers are pleased with the services provided. Rides are unavailable If a ride is closed for a period of time then the website will tell the customers before they book their tickets. For example the website can say Stealth is not going to open for 3 months and have the reason behind it.

This is so that customers are aware which rides are expected to be closed. If a ride is broken down in the morning tests then the website is updated and the customers will be informed at the ticket booth.

Over view of customer services thorpe park marketing essay

If a ride breaks down while the customers are waiting in the line then a ride attendance stays at the ride entrance. The reason for this is because some customers may wish to leave the queue and come back a later time. If a customer complains then a ride attendant could offer a fast track for this ride.

This is to allow the frustration on customers to be reduced. This is to reduce the queue length of this ride and again to reduce frustration. As previously mention the ride operates will also not tolerate a lack of discipline and also only has a set amount of fast tracks to offer.

These could be discount for the food etc. The customer services could finally give vouchers to any -Tussauds attraction. However though no one will ever give refunds. Guest behavior Thorpe Park has its own code of respect. The code says that queue jumping is not acceptable.Most Common Text: Click on the icon to return to kaja-net.com and to enjoy and benefit.

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Having gained an insight into the fact that Thorpe Park has different customer’s types with different needs, the park has to ensure that theses needs are being met in a fair and consistent manner - Customer service at Thorpe Park visitor attraction Essay introduction.

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