Stonefish a deadly australian marine creature

The beauty of many fish species is highlighted in fish stores, aquariums, and in home collections. Some species, however, have darker, more terrifying aspects.

Stonefish a deadly australian marine creature

There are five species of stonefish which can be found in the coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific oceans. As the most venomous fish in the sea, most would assume that stonefish kill their prey using the venom in their spines, but this is not the case. Instead, the stonefish capture their prey with speed.

To capture food, the stonefish wait for their prey to appear and then swim fast and quickly attack.

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The attack can last as little as 0. When not chasing their prey, the stonefish normally swims very slowly. Having excellent camouflage capabilities, the stonefish can be difficult to notice. Have you spotted these other camouflaged critters?

If for whatever reason you accidentally step on a stonefish, seek immediate treatment as the venom can cause severe pain, heart failure and even death if left untreated.

Hot water can be used for temporary relief however seeking medical attention and anti-venom is essential. Stonefish can survive up to a huge 24 hours out of water, which is an uncommon trait among fish. Interested to find these critters or to learn more about the fish species in your area?

Love unique marine life? Check out this mesmerizing ribbon eel:The Stonefish is another of Australia's lethal marine animals. They occupy shallow waters along the coast. The Stonefish roams Australian waters in disguise, as it is a caramel shading and often gets mistaken for a stone or rock.

Image Link. This beautiful yet deadly animal is native to Northern Australia and is also some times referred to as the 'marine stinger' or 'sea wasp'.

It is believed to be one of the, if not the most venomous creature around. This jellyfish has tentacles which are covered in high amounts of nematocysts as well as venom. Sure, we’ve got killer white sharks and deadly box jellyfish, but Australia’s waters boast many more dangerous marine creatures that aren’t so well known.

Here are 10 of them. MOST BEACHGOERS and ocean users around Australia give thought, before entering the water, to sharks, jellyfish and crocodiles.

10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Toxic & dangerous marine animals. The sea contains some of the most beautiful but also some of the most deadly life forms. Marine animals have an extensive arsenal of unique weapons for stinging, biting, puncturing, poisoning and chemically killing other life forms.

Stonefish a deadly australian marine creature

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This list was developed by the Australian Museum in Sydney. Museum staff rated animals out of 10 based on the threat they pose, . Jul 31,  · How to Identify Dangerous Marine Animals in Australian Waters Australians like to tease overseas visitors about the dangerous animals lurking on land and in water.

Unfortunately, this sense of humour is a coping mechanism for those living in a land beset by venomous and downright dangerous beasties%(37).

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