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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. After some time, she disappears. When Michael next sees Hanna, he is a young law student and she is on trial for her work in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Examples of them can be found throughout the whole book.

The reader schlink essay help

Bernhard Schlink's "The Reader" | Essay Example

German novelist, editor, nonfiction writer, and short story writer. A respected German jurist, legal scholar, and best-selling crime writer in his native country, Schlink captured international attention with his novel Der Vorleser ; The Readerwhose English translation was featured as an Oprah Book Club selection in He earned a law degree at Ruprech Karls University, Heidelberg, in In he graduated from Albert Ludwigs University, where he received the privatdozent, the German equivalent of a doctoral degree.

Schlink was a professor of law at the University of Bonn from tolater teaching at the University of Frankfurt am Main from to Since Januaryhe has served as a professor of constitutional law at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Travelling regularly, he has conducted student seminars—both in German and English—at several international universities. The first third of the novel, which is set in a small German town during the late s, recounts their strange and passionate secret encounters, during which they bathe and make love, while Michael reads to Hanna from the literary masterpieces he is assigned to read at school.

Their yearlong affair is abruptly ended when Hanna disappears without explanation, leaving Michael bolstered with newfound self-confidence as well as a sense of guilt over her departure.

The second third of the novel takes place seven years later when Michael, now a law student, encounters Hanna in court, where she is among a group of female Nazi guards on trial for committing wartime atrocities against Jewish concentration-camp prisoners.

During the trial, Michael realizes that Hanna is illiterate, a fact that she conceals out of pride and shame, but which helps to explain her voluntary enlistment in the Nazi military and, if revealed, could aid her legal defense. In the final third of the novel, Michael resumes his life, but is consumed with an emotional numbness and finds himself unable to sustain any satisfying relationships or to reconcile himself to the relativism of the legal profession.

Years later, Michael decides to make tape recordings of himself reading books, which he sends, unaccompanied by letters, to Hanna in prison.

Hanna eventually sends him a thankful reply, indicating that she has learned to read and write. Michael notices that Hanna has amassed a small library of Holocaust literature in her cell and realizes that, presumably, her newly gained literacy has been used to understand the horrifying implications of her Nazi collaboration.

Schlink followed The Reader with Flights of Love, a volume of seven short stories nominally grouped around the theme of love but mainly concerned with unsavory aspects of obsession, conflicts of conscience, and infidelity. He soon discovers that the painting was produced by a well-known Jewish artist and was stolen by his father, a former Nazi, during the German invasion of Strasbourg, leaving the son to grapple with issues of guilt and complicity.

Although The Reader and Flights of Love are his only two fictional works to receive English translation, Schlink began his literary career in the s with Selbs Justizthe first in a trilogy of German-language crime novels that includes Selbs Betrug and Selbs Mord Selb, the protagonist of each work in the series, is a former Nazi prosecutor turned private detective whose investigations are set against the historical background of postwar Germany and the moral complexities of the Holocaust and reconstruction.

In Selbs Justiz, Selb learns of his unwitting role in the use of Jewish slave labor and several unjust executions during the war.

"The Reader", by Bernhard Schlink: Guilt and Shame | Essay Example

In the tradition of American pulp detective fiction, Selb lives dangerously and exhibits a weakness for cigarettes, alcohol, and female companionship. A Jurisprudence of Crisisa collection of constitutional theory from the Weimar period.

Several commentators have noted that Germany boasted one of the highest literacy rates in Europe and many top Nazi officers were highly educated and eminently cultured, thus debunking any notion that the Holocaust was the work of unsophisticated, uneducated German dupes.The Reader abounds with references to representations of the Holocaust, both external and internal to Michael's narrative, some real and some invented by Schlink.

the reader schlink essay help

Of the latter, the most important is the book by the death-march survivor that constitutes the basis of the case against Hanna. The Reader study guide contains a biography of Bernhard Schlink, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About The Reader The Reader Summary. Bernhard Schlink’s “The Reader” Essay Sample. Life is a lesson built up of the experiences one encounters and the challenges they face.

One begins as a newborn and from the moment of reasonable understanding their life is what they make it to be. According to Schlink (, p. 3), the character was soliciting for help from the father in order to make a deductive judgment on how to respond to Hanna’s questioning in the courtroom.

The information he received made him question the motive of the father in opposing the relationship amid the two. The Reader is a novel that was originally written in German in by author and law professor Bernard Schlink.

In it was translated into English and published worldwide, becoming an instant best-seller. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page.

Bernhard Schlink's "The Reader" | Essay Example