Write a htmlhelper in mvc3

Now, I can have a data-driven charting model.

Write a htmlhelper in mvc3

write a htmlhelper in mvc3

Tag Helpers in ASP. NET Core web stack. This post is about tag helpers, another feature new to ASP. Let's take a look at what tag helpers have to offer. NET documentation, here's the definition in a nutshell: Take the built-in ImageTagHelperfor example. It is applied to img tags and appends cache-busting query string parameters to image URLs by rewriting the src attribute.

That way, images can be cached aggressively without the risk of serving stale images to the client: What's special about it, though, is the asp-append-version attribute, which in conjunction with the src attribute makes the ImageTagHelper kick in.

Turn your Razor helpers into reusable libraries – Angle Bracket Percent It's a set of code that allows you to no longer have to use Razor helpers to build your cshtml forms. What this means is that when you had to write this:
kaja-net.com mvc - Writing/outputting HTML strings unescaped - Stack Overflow Together, they make it easy to merge text, model data, and code to produce rich HTML output.
The quick ‘getting started’ guide NET5 got revolutionary changes comparing to previous versions.

Here's the resulting HTML output: The image URL within the src attribute now includes the v query string parameter that contains a unique hash representing the current image version.

In order for this tag helper to work, we need to make our Razor views aware of it. Create it if it doesn't exist yet and add the following line to opt into using all tag helpers built into ASP.

Now, this part is trivial since we mostly write HTML when working with tag helpers. However, they require a very specific date format that we shouldn't have to repeat over and over again. Here's how we would use our tag helper: We'll also create a property to hold the datetime that's passed in through the asp-date-time attribute: We're setting both a machine-readable datetime attribute and a human-readable title attribute: To do this, we'll await and inspect the GetChildContentAsync method, which means that we'll have to override ProcessAsync instead of Process: GetChildContentAsync ; if childContent.


However, I also want to speak a word of caution. This happens rather implicitly, especially if the HTML elements targeted don't specify attributes which clearly indicate a tag helper.

write a htmlhelper in mvc3

For this reason, I like to prefix the names of custom tag helper attributes with asp. If I see an attribute named asp-date-time, it tells me that a tag helper is going to be involved.

Kaja-net.com MVC3 checkboxlist htmlhelper extension

The unprefixed name date-time, on the other hand, is a lot less clear. Time will tell what best practices will emerge in this area. So, here you go: Useful helpers, no doubt, but make sure to use them responsibly!As we know kaja-net.com is like a umbrella of technologies and consists of kaja-net.com MVC, kaja-net.com WebForms, kaja-net.com web api etc.

All these technologies got lots of change and design to serves the modern web apps. kaja-net.com MVC3 RadioButtonListFor htmlhelper extension When you have a list of Enum in your Viewmodel and want to show it as a check boxes in your view with razor in mvc3 .

kaja-net.com MVC team must have anticipated this problem and thus to ease this problem, the kaja-net.com MVC framework comes with a set of HTML Helper methods. These helpers are simple functions that let the developer to specify the type of HTML needed on the view.

kaja-net.com MVC Interview Questions - Learn MVC Framework in Web Design in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Introduction, Architecture and Flow, MVC and kaja-net.com Web Forms, Folders, Models, Controllers, Views, Layouts, Routing Engine, Filters and Action Filters, First .

The HtmlHelper class is a class that can be used within kaja-net.com MVC framework in order to help us render Html fragments of views. The class is provided with a lot of methods that can help you render Html. The kaja-net.com MVC framework comes with number of inbuilt HTML helpers.

But you can create custom HTML helpers according to your need. You can create a new HTML helper by creating an extension method on the HtmlHelper class.

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