Writing a stored procedure in sybase

Syntax To make a routine log dump: Use only as a last resort, as you will lose the contents of your log:

Writing a stored procedure in sybase

Path nxlog uses Apache-style configuration files. The configuration file is loaded from its default location or it can be explicitly specified with the -c command line argument. The config file is made up of blocks and directives.

writing a stored procedure in sybase

Blocks are similar to xml tags containing multiple directives. Directive names are case insensitive but arguments are not always.

A directive and its argument must be specified on the same line. A typical case for this is the Exec directive. Blank lines are ignored. Lines starting with the hashmark " " are comments and are ignored. The configuration file can be logically divided into three parts: File inclusion Using the 'include' directive it is possible to specify a file which will be included in the current config file.

Special care must be taken when specifing files with relative filenames. The SpoolDir directive will only take effect after the configuration was parsed, so relative paths specified with the 'include' directive are relative to the working directory where nxlog was started from.

The include directive also supports wildcarded file names e. In such cases the value can be configured with a single definition. This can be used to not only define constants but any string like code snippets or parser rules.

An nxlog define works similarly as in C where the preprocessor substitutes the value in places where the macro is used, i. After substitution the drop procedure will be always executed, only the warning message is emitted conditionally.

This can be overrridden with this directive. The module directory contains subdirectories for each module type extension, input, output, processor and the module binaries are located in those.

writing a stored procedure in sybase

PidFile Under Unix operating systems nxlog writes a pid file as other system daemons do. The default value can be overridden with this directive in case multiple daemon instances need to be running.

This directive has no effect on MS Windows or with the nxlog-processor.In this article, I will cover configuration of RMAN Full Database backup in Oracle RAC 11gR2 environment. RMAN backup in Oracle 11gR2 RAC is exactly same .

dump transaction Description. Makes a copy of a transaction log, and removes the inactive portion of the log, if the dump transaction command is not running concurrently with another dump database..

See the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) syntax for dump tranaction syntax when Tivoli is . This document explains how to use SqlTool, the main purpose of which is to read your SQL text file or stdin, and execute the SQL commands therein against a JDBC database.

The HSQLDB jar package is located in the /lib directory and contains several components and programs. Different commands are used to run each program.

Build () Enhancements. WbExport can now kaja-net.com files ("XLSX with Macros") In the auto-completion popup for columns, the column's data type is now displayed. CREATE PROCEDURE statement Specifying CREATE TEMPORARY PROCEDURE means that the stored procedure is visible only by the connection that created it, and that it is automatically dropped when the connection is dropped.

You can also explicitly drop temporary stored procedures. Sybase The Transact-SQL CREATE PROCEDURE .

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